FIT Strength and Conditioning Program at BETA Academy in Washington DC

Our Functional Interval Training (FIT) program provides strength and conditioning classes to help students attain maximum fitness gains in the minimum amount of time. As part of the Ruckus101 program, which was developed by Jay Simon based on intensive training regimes of competitive athletes in the Mixed Martial Arts arena, it utilizes functional movements that are performed in intense, boot camp style intervals and incorporate ketllebell training, bodyweight exercises and cardio conditioning.

People of all lifestyles can use Ruckus101 to propel themselves towards their personal fitness and athletic goals because it utilizes a progressive training system, in which students of all skill and fitness levels are able to participate. These progressions allow each student, regardless of age, gender, shape and size, to be challenged to reach his or her own safe, personal limits on a continuous basis.

Fitness Boot Camp at BETA Academy in Washington DC

Ruckus101’s Beginner Level FIT sessions help students to achieve their personal fitness and athletic performance goals through a comprehensive system of joint mobility and body weight exercises, as well as exercises using kettlebells and suspension trainers. The joint mobility exercises move each joint through its full range of motion, thereby increasing their range of motion and restoring lost movement patterns that are important to everyday life and athletic activities. The suspension training component of Ruckus101 involves suspending part of the body while using the rest of one’s body's weight as resistance, all the while performing functional movements.

Ruckus101’s Advanced Level FIT sessions help students to perfect their form as well as perform more challenging and dynamic bodyweight exercises, kettlebell lifts, and joint mobility exercises. Students in Advanced Level FIT sessions display proficient execution and understanding of all lifts and exercises covered in the Beginner Level FIT Sessions. The high-intensity classes of Ruckus101 provide full-body workouts that not only build strength, enhance flexibility and increase endurance but also help students to lose weight and build lean muscle.

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How will the Ruckus101 Functional Interval Training (FIT) Program Benefit Me?

The unique Ruckus101 FIT Program helps practitioners to:
  • Achieeve maximum performance results in the minimum amount of time (30 intense minutes), by incorporating both strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into one program;
  • Train the body for real world activities and athletic events, as one synergistic system (as opposed to training an independent set of muscle groups to work in isolation);
  • Increase lean muscle mass;
  • Burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than exercising on aerobic machines, and;
  • Achieve rapid gains in functional strength, power, endurance, speed, dynamic flexibility and mental focus.

What is a kettlebell?
Kettlebell Swings and Kettlebell Lifts at BETA Academy in Washington DC

A kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool that has been used since the turn of the century to develop full body conditioning and fitness. Resembling a cannon ball with a handle, the unique shape of the kettlebell allows for optimal positioning of its weight directly above one’s center of mass. This allows users to keep their hands and wrists in neutral alignment, thereby enabling greater endurance and longevity in core lifts. This results in a much higher volume of exercise, thereby enabling its users to achieve greater heights in their fitness goals.

Students participating in Ruckus101’s Beginner Level FIT sessions will learn the kettlebell swing as well as fundamental kettlebell lifts.

Kettlebells and Suspension Trainers at BETA Academy in Washington DC

What is a suspension trainer? The suspension trainer utilized by the Ruckus101 program is a versatile device that helps its users make significant progress in comprehensive body weight exercises that build strength, core stability, flexibility, and balance. It loops around a pole and is used for progressive chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, push-up flys, body rows, and more. It was developed by the makers of The Jungle Gym II to adapt to progressive training regimes as its users’ fitness levels improve.


Kettlebells and Jump Ropes in Strength and Conditioning Training at BETA Academy in Washington DC

"Jay Simon is a great guy who uses his love of functional training to evolve both his clients and himself to their highest potential. Jay always seeks to apply the most cutting edge training methods, prividing his clients with the greatest results in the shortest amount of time."

Jon Hinds, Founder of Monkey Bar Gymnasium and the Certified Natural Training Course

“Jay Simon is a gifted athlete, an incredible coach and an all around good guy. He is very passionate about helping others and ensuring that the training programs he develops deliver results and that are congruent with his clients’ goals."

Ken Blackburn, Director of Operations for IKFF